What do we have?

At Breda University high-tech equipment is accessible for all students in order to achieve best quality on media productions and projects. Based on the needs of your project students can get acquainted with and learn to work with these facilities, which will give them a big head start in the industry. All is being guided by specialised lecturers and supervisors. Here’s a small overview of the facilities we have to get you the best results. 


Editing suites

At the editing suites, our students work on editing their footage shot on film days. As it is quite an intensive and long process, we try to make it easier for them by giving them the ability to work on their projects in closed spaces, which makes it much easier to concentrate for a few hours consecutively.

TV studio &

green screen

The green screen allows our students to think without any limits, as this background can be edited away very easily and special effects can be created. This way, a set can literally be anywhere! Besides the green screen, the TV studio makes it much easier for our students to record certain parts of their videos. It is also perfectly possible to realise live shows as the TV studio has a directors suite.


Equipment desk

Equipment desk is our in-house ‘rental company’ where students can get access to a broad range of advanced audio visual equipment in order to create professional media content for your project. A selection of advanced cameras, lighting, audio equipment and other hardware at any time and place is available. Together with specialists supervisors students can get the right equipment for your project. No extra costs are involved.

Audio suites

The audio suites are soundproof which makes it possible to edit or record background music, voice-overs and other sound effects.


Radio studio

The radio station is primarily used by, very surprisingly, our Production House Radio department. The radio studio is located right at the entrance of our campus building so our DJ’s are visible for all visitors. In here, real radio shows are being produced and broadcasted on BUAS’ own Campus radio station: BUAS Hub! - Listen here. Besides the radio shows the studio, can also being used to record and broadcast podcasts. 



At the Maclab, our students have the possibility to work with iMac computers whenever they need to. All the computers available have professional software like Adobe Creative Cloud on them to create and edit the best creative content.