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Breda University of Applied sciences offers its own campus entertainment network called HUB. Students of the Creative Business program run and manage the network and aim to serve the entire BUas community. For this reason, the community is also invited to participate in creating interesting and engaging content through the various media available (audio, visual, text). Breda University students and staff can enjoy the HUB’s content via radio- and TV shows, blogs and articles for example. Experience and learn more about the BUAS HUB community via their website



The students of the radio department of Production House produce multiple live radio shows per week as well podcast series. All these diverse radio shows vary from topic and are all aired on the HUB radio channel. The shows can be found on the 'listen' page of the HUB website. You can also listen or watch the live shows via the buttons on the homepage. Click here. 



The students that are designated to the television department of Production House produce television shows for HUB. These television shows vary from cooking shows to series about life in quarantine. All these series are produced in collaboration with the BUas and Breda community at a professional level. Want to find out more about the video part of the HUB? Click here. 



Additionally, we have very talented students of the publishing department that keep the articles section up to date, furthermore they publish the (hard copy and online) magazine BLEND multiple times per year. These students write compelling and truthful stories about the student life at BUAS around campus, exchanges, internships and the beautiful city we find ourselves in; Breda, the pearl of the Southern Netherlands. All the articles can be found on the ‘read’ page of the HUB website. Click here.



The goal of HUB is to create an online community for the students of Breda University of Applied Sciences. To establish this important feeling in the non-virtual world, HUB supports the CLUBS@BUas initiative by providing them with a page where our community can find all the different clubs they can join. Right now, students can join the book club, the cooking club, the games club and the band jam club. Interested in what these clubs consist of? Click here.

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