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The Television department is busy with realising non-fiction / documentary series for two specific broadcast clients: The HUB (BUas’ in-house streaming service) and BredaNu (Breda’s community television channel). Students meet the brief for non-fiction programs from either client and produce approximately five x ten minute episodes over the course of the year. Previous topics have included music in Breda, fitness, food and the history of Breda neighbourhoods. Working with a broad concept presented by the client students have the freedom to create their own program and produce it with the supervision of the HUB or BredaNu. Finished episodes are streamed or broadcast as part of each client’s regular scheduling. 
While groups must work together in order to achieve success and client satisfaction, every group member is meant to take on a role that specifically interest them.  These roles can include producer, director, editor, sound, lighting and visual design. Often students will share duties to keep things productive and give each other a chance to sample other roles.