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how we work


Based on a briefing document, students are designated to a project and they will start looking into the objective, expectations and desired end deliverable of the client. The research phase starts here as well. Our students will look into the background of the company and see what information is already clear and what points need to be more clarified. As it is their responsibility to deliver a project of good quality, they would like to receive more clarification via mail, telephone, or a real-life meeting. Usually, a meeting is scheduled by the students at BUas once or twice, so that both parties are on the same page. Based on this a clear planning, milestones and deliverables are being set.

Production House is a learning company. We are not a commercial company and therefore we have no profit motives. However, for most projects, it could appear that small fees like travel expenses are charged. We value good quality, client satisfaction and an open communication throughout the whole project our students work together with you and your company. This is why our students have one fixed work day per week devoted on their project, this way, we can ensure end deliverables of good quality and real-life communication with both the client as with their supervisors.


The supervisors are always on location at Production House work days and give feedback and advice to students each week. They are all specialists in their own industries. But how does such a project look from the start to the end? What should your contribution be throughout this process be and how long does a project take? 

These are questions that might have popped up whilst reading or watching some of our projects. Each project, regardless the department, is divided into three categories: pre-production, production and post-production. For every department Production House has, these stages of a project can be named this way, as every project needs research, client contact and project documentation for example.


When entering this stage, the students will take their preparations into action and they will work on your project. BUas is offering the students multiple facilities where they can produce their projects. This means that the students have the access to professional equipment like  a studio, cameras, lighting, audio and other hardware and software to create creative content for you. Interested in seeing all the facilities of Production House? Click here for more information. During these weeks, the specialist department supervisors will guide their students and advise them on particular steps or decisions they take as much as possible. It is important for both the students as well as for the client to remain good contact during this time. The students are expected to keep the client up to date and show their progress regularly. This way, miscommunication is prevented.


At the post-production stage, the students prepare to deliver their end deliverable. They start the editing of video and audio material, they finish their documentation and they write a detailed report of their work for the client. At the end of this stage, we ask the client to give feedback on the work of the students. Not only on the end deliverable, but also on the process and communication during the entire project.

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